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The biggest club “World Club Dome” takes place every year in Frankfurt, not only the heart of Europe but also the center of the world.

World Club Dome 2013 that was launched to mark the 9th anniversary of the German radio station “BigCityBeats”
had the most successful festival with 200 DJs in a 700,000㎡ space
to celebrate its 5th anniversary this year in 2017 in Commerzbank Arena.

Still ongoing World Club Dome materializes a club experience at a higher level
by opening an outdoor zone, an outdoor pool, etc available during the festival.

With its slogan “The Biggest Club in the World”,
the world’s top-notch DJs present you with an unforgettable party weekend on the 20 stages
that deals with a variety of genres in the space
larger than 700,000㎡ that has a green soccer stadium and an outdoor pool.
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“Hollywood Edition”, an event with a new concept,
was hosed in 2018. Furthermore, World Club Dome displayed its special identity
to the world by hosting parties in various spaces,
such as WORLD CLUB DOME Winter Edition held during winter season,
World Club Cruise in a large cruise, World Club Jet in an airplane,
World Club Train transforming high-speed train into a club and
World Club Dome Zero Gravity performed in a weightless state.